Friends of Bridge Columbia (FOBC) currently advocates for creating a Columbia Transitway using the existing transit rights-of-way supplemented with existing roadways where necessary.  When completed, this Transitway will link Howard County General Hospital, the Community College and Downtown Columbia with population centers, Gateway and other core destinations on both sides of US29.  


This proposed transit corridor should take advantage of rights-of-way planned by Columbia's developers a half century ago and provide an attractive and easily accessible, car-free and environmentally sustainable connection for all Columbia residents.  More information about the history and visionary plans of Columbia's founders can be found in the Columbia Archives .

 These quotes and the map below can be found in the 2018 Central MD Transit Development Plan

"As the Downtown Columbia plan is implemented and Gateway redevelopment occurs, the conceptual transitway would serve the existing areas of residential and employment density, key origins and destinations, and several of the Village Centers.  It is the corridor entirely within the county most likely to support high-frequency transit... This proposed new east-west route would connect with the future Downtown Columbia circulator shuttle at the new Downtown Columbia Transit Center. It would also connect with the future BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) on US 29. Figure 7-3 presents a map of these proposed high frequency transit services ... If operated at planned Montgomery County frequencies, it would operate at 7.5 minute headways in the peak, and 15 minute headways off-peak. An east-west transit service operating at similar headways could effectively extend the impact of the BRT to much of Columbia, particularly the major activity centers." 

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