Public Safety Services in Columbia, Maryland: Ensuring a Safe and Secure Community

The Howard County Police Department (HCPD) is the provider of public safety services in Columbia, Maryland. The HCPD operates under the community policing model, which involves collaboration between the police and the community to foster a safe environment. This model uses community partnerships and problem-solving strategies to make Howard County a safe place to live and work. Through these partnerships, the HCPD strives to build trust with the community so that residents can feel secure and protected.

In addition to the HCPD, there are several other public safety services available in Columbia. The Community Safety Companion Program is a free service that provides companionship and assistance to people who are walking alone at night. The Lion Safe app is a mobile application that allows users to request an on-demand night shuttle service for safe transportation. Building access is also available for those who need it, and there are surveillance cabins located throughout the city.

Public safety

is an essential element of any community, and Columbia is no exception.

The HCPD works diligently to ensure that residents feel secure in their homes and neighborhoods. In addition, the Community Safety Companion Program, Lion Safe app, on-demand night shuttle service, building access, and surveillance cabin locations provide additional resources for those who need them. The HCPD has implemented several initiatives to ensure public safety in Columbia. These include increased patrols in high-crime areas, improved lighting in public spaces, and increased collaboration with local businesses. The HCPD also works closely with local schools to provide safety education programs for students.

In addition, the HCPD has established a Citizen's Police Academy to educate citizens about public safety issues. The HCPD also works with local organizations to provide resources for victims of crime. These resources include counseling services, legal assistance, and support groups. The HCPD also provides information about crime prevention strategies and resources for victims of domestic violence. The HCPD is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all citizens of Columbia. Through its community policing model, partnerships with local organizations, and initiatives to improve public safety, the HCPD is dedicated to ensuring that residents feel safe and protected.

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